Hurunui District Council Recognises Long Service

28 November 2013

 L-R: John Whyte, Rose Luff, Mayor Winton Dalley, Bruce Yates and Denise Sutherland.


Eighty-five years of service by four Hurunui District Council staff members were recognized by Mayor Winton Dalley at today’s council meeting.

Bruce Yates (30 years), John Whyte (20 years), Denise Sutherland (20 years) and Rose Luff (15 years) were acknowledged for their commitment to professional service delivery and thanked for their many years of dedicated service to the Council and the district.

“Employees are the council’s most valuable resource and it is not often that we get the opportunity to publicly celebrate them.   It is really important that we take the time to congratulate our long service recipients for reaching this important milestone in their careers,” Mayor Dalley told elected members.

 “Whereas long service was once an expectation, nowadays we are aware that people are likely to have several careers and employers in their lifetime rather than one.  The contribution that Bruce, John, Denise and Rose have given over the years is an accomplishment indeed, and one worth recognizing”. 

Bruce Yates began in 1983 as the county engineer for the then Hurunui county council, which became the Hurunui district council in 1989.  Bruce later managed all of the council’s engineering services and is now the council’s second longest serving employee.

John Whyte joined Hurunui District Council in 1993 as a roading engineer.  His role has evolved considerably over the past 20 years through new technology and changing working methods.

Denise Sutherland joined the council in 1993 and was the sole rates officer for a number of years before moving into the building area and customer service.

Rose Luff has quietly and capably cleaned council work areas and provided catering services since 1998, all with a friendly smile.

 “The organisational knowledge, skill and expertise that they all hold is priceless.  The value of our long standing employees can be difficult to quantify in monetary terms because of the institutional knowledge they hold in their heads,” said Mayor Dalley.


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