Hurunui ePlan Live

An electronic interactive version of the operative District Plan is now available on the council website. The ePlan provides a free summary property report for any property in the district which shows all the planning provisions relevant to that property from the Operative District Plan.

“This is another positive step towards the council being more open and transparent with its customers says council Chief Executive Officer, Hamish Dobbie.

The council intends to have a similar version of the proposed District Plan available within the next 2 months which will link to submissions on the Proposed Plan. Mr Dobbie said that it is important that council information is available to customers 24/7 and is easily searchable.

“The council holds a lot of information about properties and it’s important that we make that information freely available.”

Features of the ePlan include the ability to:
• generate a free property report with area-specific features - for example hazard areas or heritage features
• filter the District Plan to only show what’s relevant to a specific property
• click on defined words and see their meaning
• quickly click between plan chapters

Mayor Winton Dalley said that the ePlan will make it easier for anyone in our community who wants to develop their property to know exactly what they can and can’t do, and where they might need to seek council approval.

“It will also be very useful for people considering purchasing properties to see if any provisions and development rules apply before they buy it.”

The Hurunui ePlan is one of only a handful live in New Zealand.

ePlan now live