Hurunui fire-fighters hose down the competition


The winners with their trophy

Hurunui fire-fighters hose down the competition

In an astounding display of skill and experience, Mark Archbold (senior), Darren Sincock, Marc Archbold (junior) and Jimmy Petrie from the Scargill Volunteer Rural Fire Force won all available trophies on offer at the National Wajax Rural Fire Competition in Gisborne last Friday.

The competition involves teams of four with hoses and a portable WAJAX pump weighing 26 kilos carried in a pack frame on the firefighter’s back. Each team must first carry their equipment 30 metres to a water supply, set up the pump and then run out 30 metres of hose out (this part of the competition is called the Standard Wajax run). They then knock over a target (the first target is called First Water) with a powerful jet of water. After this they then attach two smaller hoses to each end of the 30m hose and knock over two more targets (the second targets are called Second Water).

Scargill won the fastest time for First Water, as well as the best Standard Wajax run, the Replacement Wajax run (where a thirty metre hose is replaced) and the Overall Time Aggregate. They also take home the Best South Island team by default.

Principal Rural Fire Officer, Allan Grigg, is very proud of the team, but not surprised with the impressive result.

“I know the dedication of these volunteers and the time and effort they devote to training – the results they have achieved are testament of this outstanding commitment. The Scargill community can feel proud and confident they have a firefighting force of the highest calibre.”

PRFO Grigg went on to say “These competitions are incredibly important in ensuring basic skills are imbedded. They are not just for fun, they are a practical test of a firefighters skillset.

Team captain, Mark Archbold acknowledged how hard it was to get the training time in between work and family life but is absolutely delighted to be able to bring these national trophies back to the district and in a direct quote stated “we won it for the Hurunui”. Fellow team members, Darren Sincock, Marc Archbold and Jimmy Petrie were all as equally delighted as their team captain to win in such an emphatic fashion.

Scargill VRFF has been competing in the National Competition for the last nine years. They always returned home with trophies but this is the first time that a clean sweep of all available trophies has been achieved by the team.

Mark Archbold also wanted a special mention of thanks to Jo Sincock, who had arranged all of their flights and accommodation and helped with the fundraising needed for the team to travel to Gisborne to compete.

Mark also acknowledges the high standard of competition they received from other Volunteer Rural Fire Forces in the Hurunui, crediting them for assisting their team to able to be so competitive. The Hawarden / Waikari VRFF were neck and neck with Scargill at the Canterbury Wajax competition last month, with honours about even over the competition grades, although Hawarden / Waikari pipped them at the post for the Overall Aggregate trophy. Unfortunately they were unable to send a team to compete at the National Competition.

For further information contact:

Allan Grigg
Principal Rural Fire Officer
Phone 03 314-0106