Hurunui Rising Star

Earlier this month, Hurunui District Council’s Youth Development Officer, Rochelle Faimalo, received a ‘highly commended citation’ at the Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) Gala Dinner in Wellington. The citation was in the ‘Emerging Leader of the Year’ category that recognizes younger managers with a track record of designing or delivering programmes that demonstrate innovative and successful approaches that impact the community.

Rochelle’s award followed over two year’s work with the Hurunui Youth Programme (HYP) and the Hurunui Youth Council (HYC). The HYP provides programmes and entertainment for 12-18 year olds and is driven by a committee of young people overseen by Rochelle. The HYC caters for youth up to 22 years and fosters an interest in volunteering and local council governance amongst the district’s young people.

Rochelle has brought an energetic and innovative approach to youth work in the Hurunui and has gained the respect of parents, community groups and councilors. Participation by youth in both HYP and HYC is at very high levels and the programmes have been so successful that other councils have sought  Rochelle’s advice and adapted her approaches to their needs.


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