Hurunui's loss is Ashburton's gain

Monday 29 April 2013

Ashburton District Council has appointed a new chief executive. He is Andrew Dalziel, currently the chief executive of Hurunui District Council.

Ashburton District Council Mayor, Angus McKay, says he and the Council are delighted to have secured Mr Dalziel and says he was the standout candidate from a strong shortlist of applicants for the position.

“Mr Dalziel brings a wealth of local government management experience and has held senior positions across a range of key areas over his career. This knowledge and experience will be invaluable for our Council and district going forward,” said Mr McKay.

Mr McKay says the Council was also impressed with Mr Dalziel’s strategic focus.

“Council agreed Mr Dalziel’s proven ability to develop and implement a clear vision for the organisations he has been involved with would be a real asset for the Council,” said Mr McKay.

The chief executive role was strongly sought after with 57 applicants being shortlisted to twelve with the five preferred candidates all interviewed by the full Council.

Mr McKay says all Council members played a full part in the selection process.

“The chief executive is the only Council person employed directly by the Council and it was important all Council members were part of the process,” he said.

Of course, Ashburton District’s gain is Hurunui District’s loss.

Hurunui District Council Mayor Winton Dalley said Mr Dalziel’s resignation had not come as a surprise.

“When we extended Andrew’s initial 5 year contract last year, we understood that as much as he was committed to continue working with us to address the challenges we face here for another 2 years, we were fully aware that it would only be a matter of time before he progressed to another local authority CEO role.”

Mayor Dalley said Mr Dalziel is a very capable CEO, and highly regarded by elected members and staff.

“He has made a significant contribution in the 6 years he has been here”. “We wish him all the very best for his appointment with Ashburton.”

“We are very pleased he will be remaining in Canterbury and will continue to contribute to the future of local government within the region.”

Mr Dalziel said Hurunui had been a fantastic Council to work for and that he had enjoyed every minute in the role. He was now looking forward to taking up his appointment with Ashburton later in the year.

His appointment takes effect in late August 2013.

Hurunui District Council will be meeting in the near future to begin the recruitment process for a new CEO.



For further information:

Angus McKay - Mayor Ashburton District Council 0274 345 513
Winton Dalley - Mayor Hurunui District Council 029 770 2866
Andrew Dalziel - CEO / CEO Designate 0276 188 868