Hurunui Tourism Board Chair Reappointed

The Hurunui District Council is delighted to announce the reappointment of Janice Fredric to the role of independent board member of the Hurunui Tourism Board for a further three years. Ms Fredric is the current board chair, and her reappointment allows her to continue in this role.

Originally appointed to the board as the independent member in 2014, Ms Fredric has now completed her three year term. When discussing her reappointment, the council noted Ms Fredric’s commitment to Hurunui tourism and the significant connections she holds within the Hurunui community.

Ms Fredric says she is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Hurunui Tourism Board for a further three years and hopes to keep building on the recent success of Hurunui’s tourism industry.

“The new strategic direction the board has been able to bring to the district’s tourism strategy is something I am particularly proud of, as it has continued to bring renewed economic well-being to the region,” she says.

“I have close family ties to the district and my role on the board has sentimental value for me and allows me to give back to the communities which are so important to me.”

Mayor Winton Dalley has acknowledged the work Ms Fredric has done as a board member to enhance the Hurunui District’s tourism industry.

“During her time, Janice has overseen a significant change of direction in our district when it comes to enhancing tourism growth. Her expertise and connections within the community have proven to be valuable and I look forward to seeing our tourism industry continue to grow during her next term.” 

The Hurunui Tourism Board consists of elected members, industry representatives and independent members. The appointment made by the council continues to provide the board with an independent member in its membership structure and knowledge stability around the board table for a further three years.