Hurunui Waiau Water Zone Committee appoints Chair

 David Eder, who has half a century’s knowledge of irrigation, has been appointed Chair of the new Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee with John Faulkner from Culverden appointed Deputy Chair.

 The new roles were decided at the Hurunui-Waiau Committee meeting this week.  David Eder was also appointed the representative on the Regional Committee of the Canterbury Water Management Strategy.

 “This is an honour and a privilege and I am delighted to take up this appointment,” said David Eder.

 “The zone committee’s task is to come up with water management solutions that have the buy-in of all parties. 

 “Our committee members cover a wide range of interests and there has to be genuine acceptance of all values.

 “The committee – which has already met three times – operates in a very collaborative manner and its decisions are by consensus.”

 As Chair David said he will foster this way of working as well as representing the view of the whole committee on the Regional Committee and in public.

 David, who has family and business interests at Omihi, has been involved with water usage and irrigation for 50 years and believes natural resources must be fairly allocated so the whole community benefits and all water users are catered for in a fair and equitable manner.

 David has been involved with a number of boards and community groups where consensus and collaboration were required to solve issues.  His past experience includes being a director of Horticulture NZ and a member of the Horticultural Export Authority.

 “I believe water issues can be resolved providing a win-win for all parties and interests.”

 Deputy Chair John Faulkner, from Culverden, describes himself as a dairy farmer, businessman, sportsman and environmentalist, as well as being culturally and socially aware of the community’s obligation to future generations.

 He and his wife, Robyn, own and run a 162 hectare dairy farm north of Culverden and receive water from the Amuri Irrigation Scheme.

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