I miss reading books…

“Reading used to be such a pleasure for me, but I my arthritis stops me from doing this now.”

In the Hurunui Libraries we hear this more often than you might think. Disabilities such as vision impairment, stroke, multiple sclerosis, dyslexia, learning difficulties, side effects of medication and many other conditions can also impact on people’s ability to read books.

But we have access to another option: talking books.

A wide range of audio books / talking books are available to us from the Print Disability Service at the National Library. The service is for children and adults with poor eyesight, limited literacy or language skills, or who find it physically difficult to hold books or turn pages. 

Talking books are available in both CD and cassette formats, and there is a huge variety of topics including both fiction and non-fiction. We receive a new batch of Audio Books from the National Library each month, and customers are able to borrow these for up to two months. To help us get the best selection, customers advise our library staff of the number and types of books they would like to borrow, and this information is the basis of our monthly order.

There is currently a small charge of $1.50 per item. This fee helps cover the courier costs involved in providing this service.  In the near future we hope to offer this service free of charge.

You may not need this service yourself, but if you know someone who does, please make sure that they know about it. It might just bring a simple pleasure back into their life.