ICNZ paper on natural hazards aligns with local government initiatives

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) welcomes Insurance Council New Zealand’s paper ‘Protecting New Zealand from Natural Hazards’, released today.

It aligns well with the think piece LGNZ released in October titled ‘Managing natural hazard risk in New Zealand – towards more resilient communities’, developed by the LGNZ Regional Sector and external parties.

LGNZ President Lawrence Yule says the Insurance Council’s paper shares some recommendations with the LGNZ think piece, including the need for integration across legislation such as Resource Management Act, Building Act, Civil Defence emergency management and the need for high level principles that support community resilience.

“Our research shows the need for issue and place-specific responses to natural hazards, and integration and collaboration in responses to natural hazards,” Mr Yule says.

“LGNZ is seeking a shared approach to natural hazard management between local and central government, and the development of a policy and information platform to better align risk reduction measures.”

LGNZ is leading this space with two key pieces of work focused on risk and resilience. These are the think piece ‘Managing natural hazard risk in New Zealand – towards more resilient communities’, and the Local Government Insurance Review to ensure adequate risk management and provision of insurance.

“The local government sector has a growing focus on risk and resilience to ensure community and local infrastructure is more resilient in the face of natural hazards,” Mr Yule says.

“We see a window of opportunity now for decisions around infrastructure investment and insurance, and look forward to working with central government to develop a shared national approach.”