Important information for Spark Customers in the Kaikoura and Waiau Areas

At Spark we recognise this is a very challenging time for people living in the earthquake impacted area surrounding Waiau and Kaikoura. Fully restoring your communication services is of utmost importance.

While we have restored mobile services in the region to the level they were prior to the earthquake, we are aware that there are still approximately 240 Spark customers in the area who do not have a working landline telephone. Approximately 80 of these people have a broadband service (Internet) delivered over that landline and we know this is not working either.

The damaged landline infrastructure is owned by Chorus who are working hard in challenging locations to restore services as quickly as possible. Given the extensive level of damage in some areas, restoring this service may take some time. Customers from other providers may be impacted by the same issues. We have produced maps that show the areas in which we are aware that there is no landline telephone or broadband service at this time. These maps are attached.

Knowing that you will be very busy right now, for Kaikoura and Waiau customers we have set up a special way for you to contact us. You can contact us by sending a text message to the short code 5839 and someone from Spark will call you back.  There is no cost to send this text.

Here’s what we’d like you to do:

If you have a Spark provided Landline telephone and/or Broadband at your home or business please check your home location on the attached maps. If the location of your home or business is inside the impacted area shown in red then we are aware there is a service problem.

Your options are:

  1. If you would like your landline telephone number diverted to either a Spark mobile phone or another Spark landline number, please send us a text message. In the message please tell us the Landline (03) number at your work or business and the best number for us to call you back on. If you will only be at your alternative phone number, or in mobile coverage, at a particular time please tell us that time and we will do our best to call you then.

  2. If you do not wish to have your number diverted you do not need to make contact with us as we already know you do not have service and we will work to restore that service.

If the location of your home or business is outside the impacted area shown in red then we would like you to log a fault with us as it is possible the line between the Chorus cabinet and your property is damaged.

To log a fault please send us a text message on 5839 and tell us the landline number that is not working and an alternative number, if available, that we can make contact with you on.  If you don’t have an alternative number we will respond back via text message. If you don’t have access to a mobile phone or mobile coverage to send the text message you can either:

  1. Ask someone else to send the message for you or;
  2. Use a landline to make contact with us on 120.


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