Improvements Made to Road Safety for Students

Safety improvements have been made to the roadsides surrounding Broomfield Primary School by the Hurunui District Council’s roading contractor, Sicon.  New spaces large enough for buses to pull in and out of have been created on the side of Onepunga Road, making school drop-offs and pick-ups safer for the school’s children.

Approximately 80 percent of all Broomfield School students arrive by bus each day.  Previously, the only area large enough for a school bus to turn into and keep off the road was on the frontage of Mt Brown Road, a road with high traffic volume.

Hurunui District Council’s Roading Team Leader, Kushla Tapper says that these improvements will make a huge difference to the safety of students who use the bus as a form transportation to get to the school each morning.

“The two new gravel areas have improved school bus drop-offs and pick-ups by allowing the buses to slow down safely, and avoid oncoming traffic with ease when pulling in and out.”

In addition to the two new gravel areas, the improvements completed by Sicon have seen vegetation cut back to allow for these substantial new areas to be created, and new flashing ‘SCHOOL’ signs installed on the roadside that are now more visible to traffic in the area.

“Sicon donated their expertise and equipment, in order for this work to be done for a fraction of the traditional cost.  These improvements are something we can be proud of as they have been finished to a high standard and will have a positive impact on the safety of Broomfield School students” says Ms Tapper.

A huge thanks should also go to Southland Tree Topping who completed extensive work on the surrounding hedges, for no charge. The council contributed to the project in the form of the overall design and materials used to complete the work, and was responsible for the overall management of the work until completion.