Inland Road Closed to the public

Friday 18 Nov 2016


There is absolutely NO PUBLIC ACCESS to Kaikoura.

The Inland Road is heavily damaged, this road is a key supply route to and from Kaikoura while SH1 is closed so it is imperative that work continues uninterrupted to clear safe access for supply vehicles.

Both NZTA and HDC teams are hard at work as they continue to repair damage, with a view to ultimately restoring safe access for all vehicles. This will take time. 

If you have a legitimate reason for access you can apply for a permit.

These permits are issued under the following criteria:

Please expect delays and at any time road conditions can change.

Permits can be obtained from EOC operations at the Amberley Library, 111 Carters Road Amberley  033148816, or at the Waiau sector post (rural fire building).

We appreciate your patience at this time.