Leslie Hills Bridge to reopen to light vehicles today!

Friday 20 September

Temporary repairs have now been completed and the traffic management systems are being put in place this afternoon – meaning that by 5pm today, light vehicles will once again be able to cross the first of the twin bridges off the State Highway!

Please note however, that there are strict speed and weight limits (maximums of 20 km/h and 4000kg). Heavy vehicles will damage the bridge further and this could mean we would have to close the bridge to all traffic until a permanent solution could be implemented (several months).

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding!

We are also asking for your help:  If you see someone driving over the bridge in a heavy vehicle or driving too fast please get their number plate and let us or the NZ Police know! Ignoramuses need to be stopped; they put other drivers in serious danger. Our roading department contact details are 03 314-8816 or email raewyn.dent@hurunui.govt.nz