Let's Talk Hurunui

It has been a bumper harvest this year with the success of the “Let’s talk Hurunui” meetings held around the district. About 250 people have turned up to these meetings, bringing truck-loads of ideas, requests and lots of questions - exactly what your Council is looking for. Your thoughts on everything from footpaths to tourists to traffic speed, are grist to the mill when it comes to planning for next year.

Every year, your Council creates an Annual Plan. This plan shows where the Council’s income comes from and what services we intend to spend it on. Some of those services are required by central government, others are in response to requests made by Hurunui communities. That’s why the feedback we have been getting during the Let’s talk Hurunui meetings is so important. It’s not just the ideas, but knowing what ideas you are prepared to pay for when Council draws up their plan.

But wait, there’s more … although the meetings are now over, there is still time to get your thoughts to council as a submission to the Annual Plan. Although that sounds very formal, it’s really not. All you need do is send us an email to: submissions@hurunui.govt.nz or drop us an old-fashioned letter to: Annual Plan, Hurunui District Council, PO Box 13, Amberley 7441. Just tell us who you are, how we can contact you and what your thoughts are. But you must do it soon; the closing date for submissions is Sunday 1 May 2016. Keep talking, Hurunui.

For further information:
Name: Audrey van der Monde
Position: Manager Public Services
Phone: 03-3140012
Name: audrey.vandermonde@hurunui.govt.nz