Library hosts decade of visual memories

A photographic exhibition showcasing a decade of major events is currently on display at the Hurunui Memorial Library in Amberley.

‘Images of the New Millennium’ presents award-winning and memorable photographs from the archives of the Christchurch Press newspaper, along with favourite pictures selected by the newspaper's photographers.

Detailed information panels tell the story behind each photograph.

District Libraries Manager, Justine Lester, says the images convey an intriguing array of subject matter from wildlife and the natural world, to social occasions, to poignant and thought provoking portrayals of life in New Zealand.

“This exhibition can be appreciated on many levels. It presents some of the best examples of photojournalism from the early years of the new millennium, and it also provides a great insight into the events and issues that interest us and are important to us as a nation.”

The images reflect a number of major international events during this first ten years of the new millennium that have had a far-reaching effect on New Zealanders, such as 9/11, the gulf war and the Indonesian tsunami, as well as the usual mix of national stories looking at sports, social issues and the downright quirky.

The exhibition, developed in partnership with The Press, is on loan from the Canterbury Museum.

It will remain in the Hurunui Memorial Library in Amberley until August 8.

For further information contact:

Justine Lester

District Libraries Manager

Hurunui District Council

P: 3140070