Livestock movement – a timely reminder

When an automobile collides with a herd of cattle the results can be serious, even deadly for the vehicle’s occupants. Recently there was a collision of this type in the backroads of the district – far from medical assistance. Luckily the driver’s injuries, whilst severe, were not life-threatening, but it is a timely reminder to those who move livestock in the district that there are stringent rules in regards to this activity.

The Livestock Movement Bylaw was enacted in 2008 to ensure the safety of all road users in the district as well as to protect public health and minimise inconvenience, nuisance, damage and potential danger from effluent fouling on the roads.

Breaches are considered to be serious with a maximum penalty of $20,000.

The bylaw sets out:

• where there are complete restrictions on movement of livestock
• the certain circumstances when livestock movement is permitted
• the rules regarding moving dairy cattle from one side of a road to another on a regular basis
• the rules regarding livestock crossings

For more information contact Matt Dowdall, Roading Engineer Operations, 03 314-0052