Significant achievements during difficult year

The Hurunui District Council has come through a challenging 12 months but still managed to complete most of its business and projects on time and on budget.

These included significant flood protection works following the 2008 floods (including Lawcocks Road stormwater diversion, Dock Creek flood control gate, Leithfield Beach outfall); and road resealing and maintenance (including safety improvements to Argelins/Woodbank Road intersection in Hanmer, embankment stabilisation at Motunau, river diversion works at Lulu’s Creek, flood damage repairs to Arkles Bridge and installation of school warning signs outside Amberley Primary).

Upgrades of the town centres of Amberley and Hanmer Springs and a $7.5m expansion of the thermal pools and spa also began during the 2009/10 period, and are due for completion by Christmas.

Mayor Winton Dalley says the Council has worked hard and under often trying conditions to deliver for its ratepayers.

“The economic downturn and the need to respond promptly to resource management issues has impacted on our budgets and tested our resolve to remain fiscally prudent.

“While we are confident we have been able to deliver, both in terms of service and budget, it has not been an easy year and we have had to take a number of measures, to offset significantly reduced income and trim costs where appropriate.”

The recession has specifically impacted on building and planning activity in the district over the past 12 months resulting in a reduction in anticipated income of close on $300,000.00 ($297,848.00).

Despite the challenging year ,the continuing negative impacts of the economic downturn and adverse climatic conditions Winton Dalley says the Council, mindful of the need for affordability, is pleased to have been able to structure its budget for this year to ensure an overall rates increase of no more than three percent (equal to the average rate of inflation)

You can read more detail about our challenges and achievements of the past 12 months in the Hurunui District Council Annual Report Summary.

For a  more comprehensive review of our year, including detailed financial analysis, you are invited to read the full Annual Report 2009-2010.

The summary document and Annual Report are available from any service centre, library, on our website or by phoning us on 314 8816.


For further information contact:                

Andrew Dalziel

Chief Executive Officer

Hurunui District Council

03 314 8816