Make sure you are well prepared for winter conditions

Monday 27 May 2013

Canterbury people are well versed at ensuring their emergency supplies are fully stocked, but with inclement weather forecast, now is a good time to check winter supplies.

The Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group would like to remind people to stock up on essential items, just in case we have any power outages or travel interruptions as a result of bad weather as we move in to winter.

In previous years heavy snowfall has led to road closures and power outages affecting large parts of Canterbury.

A heavy snow fall in June last year cut power to thousands of homes, left many roads impassable, and disrupted flight services.

“People need to be prepared now for the possibility that this winter could again bring hazardous weather conditions to Canterbury,” said Neville Reilly, Regional Civil Defence Group Controller.

“For general readiness, every household should create and practise a Household Emergency Plan, and assemble and maintain emergency survival items.

“Everyone should have the necessities in place to be able to be self-sufficient for three days or more in the event of road closures and power cuts.

“This includes having stocks of food, water, warm clothing, fuel, alternative lighting and other emergency supplies on hand. 

“We would also encourage people to make sure their homes are properly insulated. Installing heat tape on exterior pipes can help prevent water systems from freezing,” he said.

Neville Reilly said checking supplies in your car is another good thing to do and advised people who use power managers to make sure they are topped up as we come in to the heart of winter

He added there are a number of places people can find information on weather conditions and warnings including and .

Motorists considering driving over mountain passes in winter are advised to take chains with them in case of snow and to check road conditions and the weather forecast before setting out.

Even in small quantities, snow can be hazardous. It only takes a few centimetres on a road to make driving dangerous.

A list of emergency supplies can be found below.

For more information contact:       

Neville Reilly
Canterbury Regional Civil Defence Group Controller
027 270-2762

Allan Grigg
Hurunui Emergency Management Officer
027 586-1733

Specific Emergency Preparedness Items:


Food and water for at least three days


Suggested Winter Preparedness Items for Your Car: