Marauding dogs cause stock carnage

The latest dog attacks in the Hurunui district have outraged the Council’s Environmental Services Manager, Judith Batchelor, who had already been taking a tougher stance on unregistered dogs.

“The distress this type of incident causes is immense” she said. “The pain and trauma inflicted on the stock is horrendous, and this causes incredible stress to the owners of the stock. It is also extremely distressing to witnesses of dog attack incidents and also to the Council officers faced with the gory results.”

Mrs Batchelor had no sympathy for the owners of the marauding dogs. “Dog owners are required to have control of their dogs at all times; wandering dogs are not under control – let alone ones that kill or worry stock.”

Mrs Batchelor said that the majority of dogs involved in stock worrying incidents are unregistered. The law requires everybody who owns a dog to register it with their local territorial authority by the age of three months.

Last month the Hurunui District Council issued 15 infringements totalling $4500 for non-registration offences.

Quite simply the Council had “run out of patience” with these irresponsible dog owners, said Mrs Batchelor. “They will get caught, and they will get fined, and then hopefully they will become more responsible and we won’t have more stock attacks.”


For further information contact:

Judith Batchelor
Manager Environmental Services
Phone 314-0102