Members Sought for Biodiversity Working Party

Biodiversity LogoWebThe management of indigenous biodiversity has been a contentious issue within the Hurunui District since the Operative District Plan was notified 15 years ago and the current regulatory methods for managing biodiversity continue to be challenged. The Council committed in the early stages of the plan review to engage with our landowners in an attempt to find a way forward that met Council statutory obligations and landowner expectations. To this end we have consulted widely with a number of interested parties but at this point have not successfully been able to achieve consensus.

True to our commitment the Council and Environment Canterbury have agreed to establish a temporary working party to have a fresh look at the issues. The purpose of the working party is to establish through a collaborative process a range of ways and means that are supported and endorsed by landowners and the wider community to enhance and protect biodiversity within the Hurunui District.

Council and Environment Canterbury have decided to facilitate a working party, consisting of community members, stakeholders and representatives of both Councils.  The goal of the working party is to provide recommendations about biodiversity protection, for inclusion in the Proposed District Plan by July 2015.

The Council intends to notify the proposed District Plan in February 2015 with biodiversity provisions that include listing SNA’s and general vegetation clearance rules. However the Council is further committed to notify a variation to the proposed plan before the hearing of submissions incorporating the agreed changes from the working party.

This is your opportunity to work with others with an interest in biodiversity to establish biodiversity provisions that are acceptable to everyone before we are all locked in the formal Resource Management Act process.

Council would like to invite you to attend the inaugural meeting.  Membership of the working party will be decided by those in attendance.  The meeting is scheduled for:

Monday 15 December 2014
Scargill Hall
10 Overtons Road, Scargill 

If you have any questions please contact Mayor Winton Dalley, phone 03 314-0011, email