Meridian Energy Hurunui Wind Farm

Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Environment Court has today released its decision on the Meridian Energy Limited proposal to establish and operate a wind farm in Glenmark near the recently consented Mt Cass wind farm.

The Environment Court has decided to grant the applications for resource consent subject to conditions.

The decision is final in respect of the confirmation of the grant of resource consents (on amended conditions), but is interim in respect of the precise wording of the conditions, and in particular the details relating to the Community Fund conditions.

The Environment Court determination demonstrates that decisions on wind farms appear to often come down to weighing up the national level benefits with the adverse effects at the local level. The Court found that while there are adverse effects on the landscape, visual character and local amenity, when viewed in totality, the outcomes for the environment are positive; that is to say better outcomes for the local ecosystem in addition to the regional national and global positives of renewable energy generation.

The full decision is available here.