Mobile Kiosk Provides Career Direction for District Teens

A mobile kiosk that gives out career pointers at the touch of a finger is helping Hurunui teenagers decide their future path.

The Hurunui Youth Programme, which has leased the state-of-the-art touch screen unit, has chosen to set it up at the Amuri library so that all young people in the area, whether at school or not, can access it.

HYP Co-ordinator, Samantha Mould, says with so many choices now available to young people it can be difficult and confusing to not only decide what direction they might want to take, but how they can get there once they do decide.

“Because we live in a rural based community many of our youths know and appreciate well the choices available within agricultural based industries but maybe not so much about opportunities in financial and scientific or cosmetic based industries for example.

“This is a way for our young people to gain some insight into the many and varied job opportunities on offer across a wide variety of fields and industries as well as information on how they can pursue any that may take their interest.

“It is in fact a guide to pretty much any career you can think of in any environment anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.”

Students who use the kiosk are able to source information to help them choose the correct subjects that will maximise their ability to enter their chosen industry. School leavers can identify training opportunities and educational programmes to support their endeavours.

The self-contained unit only requires a power point and internet connection so users can register their interest in a particular career or training provider and receive additional material by email on areas that interest them.

Reports on the sort of career options being explored can be downloaded enabling the host libraries to know what additional support materials they might be able to provide to students as they explore their future career choices.

The Youth Programme hopes to move the unit around the district to enable as many young people as possible to benefit from it.

For further information contact:

Samantha Mould

Hurunui Youth Programme Co-ordinator

Hurunui District Council

P: 027 427 1087