New business and industrial zones confirmed for Amberley

The Hurunui District Council has confirmed a new business zone and additional zoned industrial land for Amberley.

Environmental Services Manager, Judith Batchelor, says the new Business 1 (town centre) zone will ensure appropriate development that would support, rather than compromise, the development of a strong commercial centre in Amberley.

It provides for specific activities within a consolidated area including:

Retail, such as pharmacies and post offices; leisure and entertainment facilities such as cinemas, restaurants and licenced premises; intensive sport and recreation such as health and fitness centres; medical centres; professional offices; arts, culture and tourism facilities such as theatres, museums, galleries; visitor accommodation and conference facilities and civic facilities such as libraries, community halls and council offices.

Judith Batchelor says the rezoning of land at Grays Road will also provide for a specialised industrial zone to cater for activities which require a lower standard of amenity to operate efficiently and remove any potential reverse sensitivity effects for those activates which are not readily compatible with residential living and some customer-based business activities, such as hospitality and retailing.

The rezoning also allows any potential environmental issues around industrial subdivision and land developments at Grays Road to be addressed.

“We know this area is susceptible to flooding from the Kowai River, and that a potential traffic hazard exists at the junction of Grays Road and SH1 (Ashworths Road), and that soil is contaminated on the lower terrace.

“The approved change provides an ability now to avoid, remedy or mitigate these issues through conditions of subdivision consent and land use.”

The creation of the new business and industrial zones follows consultation on Plan Change 25 which was proposed following a review of growth related issues in the town, where she says the need for both a new business zone and additional industrial zone were highlighted.

“The review highlighted issues relating to potential conflicts of uses within the current business zone and lack of defined town centre area; and lack of industrial zoning.

“It also recognised a community identified need to establish a core area in the heart of the Amberley Township for business activities, while still providing for the diverse mix of business outside the core area.”

Plan Change 25 becomes operative on 17th December 2010


For further information contact:

Judith Batchelor

Environmental Services Manager

Hurunui District Council

03 314 0102