New Council changes committee structure

The newly sworn in Hurunui District Council has adopted a new and more streamlined approach to business.

A new committee structure has been agreed to that will see nine old committees absorbed under the Strategy and Policy Committee, one of three newly established committees.

Regulatory; and Audit and Risk are the two other newly established committees.

All elected members will sit on the Strategy and Policy, and Regulatory committees. 

Mayor Winton Dalley says the new structure should overcome identified shortfalls of the previous rather weighty and cumbersome structure.  “In the past the sheer volume of committees made it impossible for all councillors to be as involved in some of the important discussions as they would have liked.”

“Having all councillors as working members on our two key committees ensures each of us has an enhanced opportunity to contribute to the decision making process which is a major step forward for democracy in our district.”

Winton Dalley says the new structure also draws a very clear line between operational matters and hearings and enforcement. The latter will now be a matter for the new Regulatory Committee, rather than being lumped in, as they were, with other general environmental services discussions.

Having a dedicated Audit and Risk Committee, Winton Dalley says, will also provide the council with a more regular and accessible indication of the organisations financial and operational performance.

“Because we will now have the ability to monitor, measure and understand the delivery of services, capital and maintenance spend on a more regular basis, we will also be able to react more quickly and efficiently to deal with any issues that may threaten to derail our years’ work.”

Strategy and Policy, the main new committeee, incorporates the former works and services, environmental services, finance and expenditure, community services, waste minimisation, plant, forestry, rates remissions and posptonement, and budget committees.

It will be chaired by Michael Malthus, who returns for a second time as Deputy Mayor after being re-elected in the Hanmer Springs Ward for a third term.

The Regulatory Committee will be responsible for appointing commissioners, managing hearings and enforcement matters. It will be chaired by Ross Little, who was elected to the Amberley Ward of the Hurunui District Council after four terms as a Regional Councillor for North Canterbury.

The Audit and Risk Committee will look at internal control procedures providing more regular financial and peformance reporting. It will be chaired by Dick Davison, who represents the Amuri-Hurunui Ward, and will also include one external appointment.

The outgoing council recommended the revised structure which was adopted by the incoming council at its first meeting last Thursday. It will be reviewed in July next year after six months in operation.

The traditional local ward, water and reserve committees remain untouched, as do the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa, Hurunui Tourism, Code of Conduct and Chief Executive Officer Performance Review committees.


For further information:

Andrew Dalziel

Chief Executive Officer

Hurunui District Council

03 314 8816