Youth Initiatives Get the Go Ahead

Two youth initiatives have been given the green light in the Hurunui District, thanks to successful applications for government funding.

One of these will be an Environmental Stewardship Project, run by the council’s Community Team, which will see a group of Hurunui youth responsible for the management and guardianship of a local section of natural environment that is flagged for restoration.

The Community Team will also be facilitating ‘The Social Experiment’ which will be a weekend experience that will provide a space for the young people of the Hurunui to work collectively on solving major issues facing New Zealand.

The initiatives have been made possible by Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) funding totaling $22,000, from both the Youth Enterprise Fund and Youth Development Fund as part of the Ministry’s 2018 funding programme.

Community Team Leader Rochelle Faimalo says the council is incredibly grateful to MYD for the funding which enable these opportunities to be offered to our district’s youth.

“The environmental project and social experiment will enable our young people, aged 12 to 24, to have the chance to increase their wellbeing and resilience, and add to their leadership skills.”

“We’re always looking to deliver more youth development opportunities involving leadership, mentoring and volunteering activities so I’m thrilled that these events can go ahead with the funding now secured,” says Rochelle.

Amberley Ward Councillor Geoff Shier says the funding for these projects is most welcome.  It will enable the young people of the Hurunui to benefit immensely from these two fantastic opportunities.

“It is important the council continues to support the community’s youth to grow and be equipped with the skills they need to succeed in life, and these initiatives will play an important part in that.

The council is extremely grateful to the Government for selecting its application to be included in the 2018 funding round.  It is pleasing to see investment that encourages youth development.