Collaboration Brings Ratepayer Savings

Transwaste Collaboration

Thanks to a collaboration between Transwaste and the council, rock protection walls at Conway Flat, Amberley Beach and the Amberley Domain have been completed with significant savings made for Hurunui ratepayers.

The council has tapped into a supply of rocks that has come from the clearing of a hillside at the Kate Valley Landfill, with Transwaste donating the supply for the three council projects free of charge.

Roading & Amenities Team Leader Kushla Tapper says the council is incredibly grateful for this kind donation which has become a win-win situation.

“We got together with Transwaste and discussed what each party could gain in benefits from a collaboration when it came to the clearing works and extraction of rocks.”

“Through the work completed to make more room at the site of the landfill, the potential health & safety risk the rocky hillside posed to Transwaste’s operations has been removed and the council has gained a good-quality supply of rocks for its protection work.”

“This is a great result for both parties and we have created a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship which is providing significant cost-savings to the ratepayer,” Tapper says.

The Hurunui District Council would like to thank Transwaste for their donation of the rock supply and the part they have played in this successful partnership.