North Canterbury power outage – Update 19.11.16

Update on progress day six of restoring electricity supply to the region, following Monday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Current customers without electricity supply include Kaikoura District (339) and Hurunui District (24). While referred to as ‘customers’ these are actually connections which may include homes, water pumps, sheds or any other sites with a connected power supply.

MainPower’s ongoing focus is the wider Kaikoura District including Oaro, Mt Fyffe Road, Inland Kaikoura Road to the Conway, Ludstone Road North, Blue Duck and Puhi Puhi Valley.

Customers using portable generators are reminded of the hazards if used incorrectly. Do not plug a generator directly into your home’s wiring. Power from a generator connected to a home’s wiring will ‘back feed’ into power lines, potentially causing a safety hazard for you, your family, neighbours, and MainPower staff, and causing possible damage to your generator when mains power is restored. MainPower can provide assistance with connecting generators to supply – phone 03 311 8314.

MainPower staff are completing visual checks of properties prior to restoring power. If power hasn’t been restored to homes, it could be due to damage which makes re-livening unsafe. When returning home, residents are asked to contact MainPower immediately if they notice any damage – phone 0508 60 70 80.