Nutrient and biodiversity management key focuses at Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee Meeting

The Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee will meet on Monday 16 March in Culverden for its monthly water management meeting.

The meeting will begin with an update from the Regional Committee and this will be followed by a report from the Hurunui, Waiau and Jed Nutrient Working Group. The Working Group has been focused on how to address the unintended consequences to dryland farmers of the Hurunui Waiau Rivers Regional Plan.

Next, the committee receive a report from Environment Canterbury on how it plans to resource and support the ongoing delivery of the community’s water management expectations as outlined in its Zone Implementation Programme (ZIP).

The committee will then consider a local project to protect the ecological values of a block of remnant dry-land kanuka shrub-land for Immediate Steps biodiversity funding.

The purpose of the Immediate Steps (IMS) programme is to protect and restore freshwater and water-use affected terrestrial biodiversity in Canterbury. Zone Committees are responsible for distributing the funding and so far around $360,000 has been allocated to local projects in the zone.

This means there is still more than $140,000 available so if you know of a local biodiversity project that would benefit from funding support, search Immediate Steps at for more information and an application form.

The committee will finish the meeting with a discussion on its community engagement activities for the next few years and reflect on how it has worked with the community on developing its ZIP, the Hurunui and Waiau River Regional Plan, as well as nutrient allocations and minimum flows.

The Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee is a joint committee of Environment Canterbury and Hurunui District Council. It includes five community members, two Rūnanga representatives, and one each from Hurunui District Council and Environment Canterbury.

Meeting information

Hurunui-Waiau Zone Committee meeting
3.00pm, Monday 16 March, 2015
Community Hall, Amuri Area School, School Road, Culverden

For a copy of the agenda visit the Hurunui Waiau committee page.