Over 500 submissions received to the Hurunui District Council Long Term Plan

The submission period to the Hurunui District Council’s long term plan ended on 30 April with council officers receiving 243 submissions plus another 263 from school children mainly from the Amberley and Waipara area.

177 of the 243 submissions and the 263 from the school children are all in support of a new or upgraded Amberley swimming pool.   The Council has proposed to set aside $4.5 million in the 2018/19 financial year for the pool, conditional on $2 million of the total amount being fundraised by the community.

The Council’s key consultation topics relating to managing debt and funding expensive water and sewer upgrades in the coming years does not appear to have impassioned people to respond in large numbers.  The final analysis of the submissions is yet to be completed but early indications seem to show general support for the proposals.

The Council will meet on 25 May to hear and consider all of the submissions before making its final decision on its proposals.



For further information contact:                

Audrey van der Monde
Manager Public Services
03 314 0012