Permanent chlorination provides safe drinking water for Hurunui

Hurunui District Council has decided to permanently chlorinate all council provided water supplies across the district to provide consistently safe drinking water to all residents and visitors.

Supplying clean and safe drinking water is a core responsibility for the Hurunui District Council, and to ensure that water supplies comply with the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards.

Over the past year there have been a number of E.coli transgressions in Hurunui which have had the potential to adversely impact residents’ health. If a contamination outbreak occurred, it would be extremely damaging, not just to local residents but also to visitors and tourists.

Amberley township, Amberley Beach, Leithfield Beach and Hanmer Springs have had their water supplies temporarily chlorinated over the last six months and this will now be made permanent. Leithfield Village and other residents connected to the Leithfield supply, along with Culverden, Hawarden/Waikari and residents connected to the Racecourse bore will have their water supply chlorinated from September on a rolling basis.

Hurunui District Council infrastructure services delivery manager Dan Harris says that permanent chlorination of all council provided water supplies is the best option to ensure public health and safety.

Following a number of transgressions entering through the pipelines over the last few years we decided that permanent chlorination is the best solution. This ensures a safe supply from the intake point, right through the pipes to the taps.

Dosage rates will differ depending on the supply. Our aim is to keep chlorine levels as low as possible while meeting the drinking water standards.

Odour and taste concerns generally arise at 0.6 - 1.0mg per litre. Our rate will be around 0.3mg per litre, which is much lower than the maximum allowable level of 5mg per litre.

When the chlorine is first added the taste will be more noticeable, however this will reduce over time. We understand that some residents will have issues with permanent chlorination of our water supplies, however this is the best solution to ensure that we are providing safe and clean water to our community.


For further information contact:                 

Dan Harris
Infrastructure Services Delivery Manager
Phone: 021 860 801