Plans for an ice skating rink at theThermal Pools have been shelved.

Plans for an ice skating rink at the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa complex have been shelved.

The Hurunui District Council this week agreed to fund for just over $7.5 million for a new freshwater pool, waterslide, children’s aqua play area, and water sensations pools.

The decision to delete the ice skating rink came after the project was re-tendered based on revised drawings, but still came in over budget.
An additional $1.6 million would need to have been found to fund the ice skating rink.

Graham Heenan, who chairs the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa Committee, says while it would have added a new aspect it has always been viewed as having marginal payback and was the obvious element to lose to keep costs down.

“While losing the ice skating rink will remove a potential revenue stream we calculate the financial impact will be only one percent in terms of overall return – with the Internal Rate of Return down from the projected 16% to 15%, which is still very attractive and justifies continuation of the project.”

The work is scheduled to begin in May with the Council securing early access to the Queen Mary Hospital site from the Crown Health Financing Agency (CHFA), which currently owns the property on which the work is to be undertaken.

The early access agreement will also enable essential exterior weatherproofing on the Chisholm, Soldiers and Nurses Blocks, as part of their refurbishment and mothballing, to begin before Winter.

The Crown is expected to vest the Queen Mary land in Council by the end of June.