Productivity Commission report - Towards Better Local Regulation

Tuesday 14 May 2013

The Productivity Commission has released the findings of its independent inquiry into regulatory performance in local government.

The final report, summary material, inquiry submissions and survey results are available through the link below.

Productivity Commission report – Towards Better Local Regulation

In releasing the inquiry report, Commission Chair Murray Sherwin said, “Local councils have a big influence on the success of communities and local economies. A large and diverse set of regulations is managed by councils. They cover things like urban development, building safety and standards for air quality, right through to dog control and food safety. It is critical to community wellbeing, and New Zealand’s overall performance, that these local regulatory systems perform well.

“Most of the regulation undertaken by councils has its origins in legislation passed by Government. Having central and local government jointly thinking about what regulation is necessary, to what purpose and how best it can be implemented, enforced and monitored is critical for getting good results. This inquiry shows that we are well short of that ideal