Public Feedback Crucial to Outcome of New Water Bylaw

The Hurunui District Council has adopted the statement of proposal and summary of information for a new Three Waters Services Bylaw for public consultation.  This now enables the community to have their say on the way its Three Waters networks are managed.

It is proposed the Three Waters Services are managed under a single bylaw, so they can be managed cohesively and comprehensively.  This would mean the existing Water Supply Bylaw and Wastewater Network Bylaw are revoked and replaced with the proposed new combined bylaw.

Hurunui District Council’s Infrastructure Service Manager, David Edge, says that now the new bylaw and statement of proposal have been adopted for public consultation by the council, the public can have their say on important issues such as how trade waste and storm water drainage is managed by the council.

“The consultative procedure can now begin, and identified stakeholders will be notified when the consultation period will open.  Consultation and education will play a huge part of a new bylaw being introduced.  It is important that members of the public are enabled to have their voices heard and that major consideration is given to their feedback.”

The new bylaw would include modernising the way the water network is managed with changes such as modifications to existing backflow prevention measures, a requirement for consumers on restricted water supply schemes to provide for three days’ storage and the implementation of new trade waste management measures.

Mayor Winton Dalley says that as the population of our district grows, it is crucial that we have effective and efficient measures in place to manage the water networks of the Hurunui.

“I encourage residents in the district to get involved in the consultation and education process and have their say on this proposal which is likely to become crucial in the management of the Three Waters Services in our district,” says Mr Dalley.

In order to not inconvenience businesses that could be potentially affected by a new bylaw, the consultation period is proposed to not begin until after the busy holiday season ends early in the New Year.  The bylaw and supporting easy-to-follow policy and guidelines will be made available on the council’s website prior to this engagement period beginning.