Rethink On Dog Ban At Amberley Beach Campground

The Hurunui District Council is looking at a partial lifting of a ban on dogs at Amberley Beach Camping Ground.

The area is one of six locations in Amberley listed as dog prohibited areas in the Council’s Dog Control Bylaw, adopted in 2008.

Others are the Amberley Domain Sports Fields, Seadown Crescent Playground, Amberley Township public toilet area, Holton Road Picnic Areas and Waipara River Mouth.

The Council received a number of complaints from dog owners when the Amberley Beach ban was first enforced last Christmas and is now looking to amend the Bylaw to allow dogs at the southern end of the campground only. The ban would remain on the northern end, where the children’s playground is.
Dog owners would still be required to comply with the general restrictions already in place in the Bylaw, such as removal of faeces.

In addition, if the ban was to be lifted at the southern end, the Council would impose additional restrictions to reduce any potential negative effects of having a number of dogs in a confined area.  Only two dogs per site would be allowed. They would need to be supervised at all times by an adult aged over 18 and kept on a leash when moving around the camping ground.

Dogs classified as dangerous would remain excluded.

The proposed amendment mirrors comments from the public on an Issues and Options document where more than half of the submitters supported allowing dogs in the southern part of the campground only and under strict conditions. The proposed change will be publicly notified for the community to have their say. Submissions close 5pm Friday 4 June.