Southerly Blast Update

District update as at 11.00am 02 July 2013

Road Conditions

Extreme frosts are causing treacherous black ice on the roads. Sunny days but frosty mornings and nights are expected to continue over the next few days so be sure to drive carefully!

Our contractor, Downer Ltd has been planning for this weather event  and is well resourced having brought in additional crews from Christchurch to clear snow and grit the icy roads - we really appreciate their hard work and 24/7 efforts to keep our roads safe. Thank you!


New Zealand Transport Agency has the latest information on highway closures.

You can also check road conditions AA Roadwatch site


Local Roads and Bridges Affected:

An updated list of local roads and bridges affected is available here

If you have any concerns please phone our customer service staff on 314-8816 or email us at

Gale force winds

Thursday through to Saturday saw biting southeasterly winds that were up to gale force at times - compounding the effects of the weather bomb in the coastal areas from Cheviot down to Amberley. The storm brought down power lines and dozens of trees throughout the area, causing considerable endangerment to motorists. Winds have died down today.



Swollen fords and surface flooding has been reported in many parts of the district in the last few days, but has receded condiderably over the past 24 hours. Fortunately we have not received any reports of flooded homes.

Extreme care is needed when driving in these conditions, please drive slowly and check your brakes after driving through water.

River Levels

River levels are monitored by the Canterbury Regional Council and updates are available from their website


Latest Weather Information

Keep up to date with the latest forecasts and watches/warnings at or on mobile devices at



The only water supply currently down is the Wandle pumpshed in rural Waiau - this is due to the power outage.
Updates are available from our water services page.


Power and Telephone Services

We have had several reports of power and phone outages affecting many parts of the district, particularly in the  Cheviot, Waiau, Mt Lyford, and our northern coastal areas. The service companies have had their contractors working hard to restore these and we understand that most services are up and running again - but are fragile due to continued bad weather.

Details about current outages are available on MainPower’s website and Telecom's network status

Be Prepared:

Remember that if the electricity network is damaged, it might take a number of hours to get reconnected, so make sure you have a battery operated radio, a torch, spare batteries, and a full gas bottle for your BBQ or portable gas cooker as part of your emergency kit. Prepare an alternative heating source, such as a wood fire or portable gas heater. If you don’t have an alternative, ensure you have plenty of warm clothes and blankets or consider staying with family or friends with heating.

During power outages:

Check for fallen or damaged electricity lines. Never touch wires or lines lying on the ground, over fences, hanging from poles, or objects such as tree branches that may be touching them. Fallen lines or wires may still be carrying an electrical current and could shock, injure or even kill if touched. Turn off the power at the main switch if you suspect any low power or a damaged supply to your home. If the power goes out, turn off electrical appliances, but leave one light on to indicate when the electricity supply is restored.



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