Status Quo Preferred for Hurunui Representation Arrangements

The Hurunui District Council has confirmed its initial proposal to retain the status quo with respect to its representation arrangements. The Council is now required to advertise its decision and any objections received will be forwarded to the Local Government Commission.

The decision making from that point rests with the Commission.

The Local Electoral Act requires all local authorities to review their representation arrangements at least once every six years. The Hurunui District Council last reviewed its representation for the 2007 local government triennial election, and so is now required to again review its representation arrangements in time for the 2013 election.

After holding two workshops and taking the earlier discussions and feedback from the wards into consideration, the Council agreed to adopt the status quo as the representation proposal at the 26 April Council meeting. The proposal was made available to the public and the consultation period was from 11 May to 11 June.

Twelve submissions were received, and all except one of those submissions were in favour of Council’s proposal to retain the status quo. The one submitter who did not agree, suggested that there should be seven councillors instead of nine (plus the Mayor). Most of the submissions were received from people with an interest in Hanmer Springs and were either residents or holiday home owners.

Given that there was a small number of submissions received, and that of the 12, 11 were in full support of the Council’s proposal, the Council determined that the status quo is preferred by those affected by this decision, and confirmed its initial proposal to retain the status quo.

There is a risk however, that if there are any objections to the Council’s final decision, the Local Government Commissioners may not be able to support the decision. This is because the Hanmer Springs ward does not meet the population / councillor ratio based on the plus and minus 10% ‘rule’.


Status Quo representation arrangements in the Hurunui district:

• The existing ward structure and electoral arrangements to be retained.

• The Hanmer Springs Community Board to be retained, representing a community of interest based on the existing ward boundary.

• The Hanmer Springs Community Board membership to remain at five members elected by the community.

• The councillor from the Hanmer Springs ward to be appointed to the Hanmer Springs Community Board.

• There are nine councillors plus the Mayor.

• No other community boards are established.

• The ward and community committee structure remains the same.

• The existing rating areas and local amenity rating structures remain the same.



For further information contact:


Audrey van der Monde

Manager Community and Corporate Services

Phone 03 312-0012