Storm Effects Still Being Felt

Friday 20 September 2013

The sheer devastation wrought by overnight gale force northwest winds and lightning strikes last week, severely stretched the district’s resources. Many large trees lost their limbs or were uprooted altogether. Trees fell on buildings taking fences out with them and allowing stock to escape. Many fell across roads causing major disruptions to traffic, and also to emergency services responding to scrub fires caused by lightning strikes. A second night of strong winds and rain led to still further damage including flooding problems in some areas.

Contractors have been busy clearing roads of the hazardous fallen trees and moving the logs and branches well back on the adjoining verges. The land owners from which the fallen trees originated are now responsible for clearing all of this (the slash as well as the timber). This debris is not only unsightly, but as it dries it creates considerable fire risk. If it is not removed in a timely manner by the land owner responsible, contractors will be engaged to do so – and the land owners will be billed for the cost.

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An update on which roads are currently open is available here.

As you can see from the photo here, the Leslie Hills Bridge (first of the Twin bridges) across the Waiau River was severely damaged and has been closed from both ends since last week. GOOD NEWS today : Temporary repairs have been under taken and the bridge will be reopening to light traffic (at reduced speeds) at 5pm today.

Water supplies : An update on the situation with all of our water supplies is available here.

Power has been restored across most of the district now. For all power related faults, call 0508 Fault line (0508 60 70 80) or go to Mainpower's Storm Damage Update page.