Teddy Bears Picnic??

With 350 furry bundles arriving in Cheviot yesterday you could be forgiven for thinking there was some kind of teddy takeover happening...

The initial inspiration behind the soft toys, teddy bears and bubble toys came from Denise Cleghorn from Cheviot, who was concerned about the stress on our children who were having trouble sleeping and were anxious with the ongoing aftershocks. After discussing this soft toy idea, Mayor Winton Dalley was very supportive and promised to make it happen.

Mayor Winton Dalley approached Whitcoulls and they generously provided the children of Cheviot with these gorgeous little toys to bring some comfort.

This was the message stapled on the bears by Mayoress Jean Dalley:

“I’m here for you to hug and to comfort you when life gets tough.
Sent with love from all those who care for you.
Love Teddy”

And many teachers and parents had tears running down their cheeks as the message was read out - knowing just how meaningful this was for all of the children.
Thank you so much to Denise Cleghorn, Winton and Jean and all of the wonderful people involved that made this happen, and of course special mention of all of the gorgeous children from Little Oaks Preschool, Tree Hutt Preschool and the Cheviot Area School.