Convoy out of Kaikoura along the Kaikoura Emergency Access (KEA) route (Inland Road)

CD CanterburyMedia Advisory

Thursday 25 November 8pm

Today a convoy of public vehicles was permitted to travel along the Kaikoura Emergency Access (KEA) route from Kaikoura southward.  

Eighty vehicles successfully travelled the road, carrying approximately 150 people.

There was one breakdown and three punctures.

Travel time was approximately 2.5 hours.

This event was only made possible with the support of significant resources to keep the convoy safe and to respond in case of any incidents. This included a helicopter flying above the convoy and specialists monitoring the fragile hill sides above the road.

To allow the convoy to pass all work on the road was halted for the duration. However the road and its surrounds are still very fragile and the convoy caused additional damage to the road. Repair work will now continue and the road remains closed to the general public until further notice.


CDEM Canterbury Media