Wellbeing Campaign Building Presence in the Hurunui

The All Right? wellbeing campaign is making its mark on the Hurunui after getting off the ground in October 2017.  The campaign aims to help people in the district become more aware of their emotional wellbeing and of the things they can do to improve it.

Working in conjunction with the Hurunui District Council’s Community Team, All Right? is an initiative led by the Canterbury District Health Board and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.  The programme completes regular, in-depth research into how Cantabrians are doing.  This then informs the different aspects of the campaign, from raising awareness among community groups, organisations and businesses, to creating tools that demonstrate the things people can do to improve their wellbeing

All Right? Health Promoter, Leanne Bayler, says her focus in leading the campaign’s roll-out has been to connect with people in the community to help identify the type of needs they have and how they can best meet it.

“At the end of the day All Right? is much more than the colourful collateral and catchy slogans. It is a way of working with communities to identify and understand their situation and stressors, by empowering them with strategies to get through the tough times and become better equipped to manage their wellbeing.”

The campaign will compliment the work the council’s community team are doing through information-sharing which will aid the planning of where in the community the campaign’s efforts should be focused.

The council’s Community Team Leader, Rochelle Faimalo, says her team are looking forward to further conversations with All Right? in order to best utilise the campaign’s resources in the Hurunui, particularly alongside the council’s own work in a post-earthquake environment.

“The results of our work with the All Right? Team will provide an important connection for our communities still battling issues such as settling insurance claims after the November 2016, and go some way to improving the wellbeing of our communities.”

All Right? is funded by the Ministry of Health and has also had support from the Ministry of Social Development and many other organisations including the Red Cross.

All Right Campaign