Boilwater Notices

16 September 2017

The Peaks Rural Water Supply


Recent test results have shown high levels of E.coli in the Peaks Rural Water Supply. This is a timely reminder that the water supply to your water tank is prone to contamination and as such, your water supply is still on a PERMANENT BOIL WATER NOTICE.
We strongly recommend that all drinking water (including that used to brush teeth, wash vegetables, etc) be disinfected prior to use.
You can disinfect the supply by:
• using an approved filter or purifier
• boiling the water for one minute; boiling is the simplest and the most effective method that will reliably kill Cryptosporidium parasites and other germs. It is OK to use jugs with an automatic cut-off switch as long as they are full. On no account should the switch be held down to increase the boiling time

We strongly recommend you disinfect the water currently in your tank by:

• adding chlorine; half a teaspoon of plain (fragrance and detergent free) household bleach added to 10 litres of water kills most germs but some parasites will be resistant to chlorine disinfection.
o For every 1,000 gallons (4,400 litres) of water add 70mls of chlorine
o For 400 gallons (1,750 litres) of water add 28mls of chlorine
Janola, one of the most well-known bleach brands, shouldn't be used as it contains detergents so isn’t suitable for treating drinking water. Alternatives include:
­ Clor-o-Gene bleach
­ Budget Bleach Regular and Budget Bleach Extra Strength, but Budget Bleach Lemon shouldn't be used because it contains lemon fragrance.


Boil water notice lifted for Waiau Township Water Supply - Update 30 August 2017:

A boil water notice was issued to the Waiau Township straight after the November 2016 Earthquake. Even though the supply was already chlorinated, we felt this additional measure was necessary because the full extent of the damage to our infrastructure was not fully known. Since that time, we’ve carried out substantial repairs and have been routinely testing the water to ensure it is free of bacterial contaminants. These contamination tests have come back clear. We have also been carrying out leak detection tests to look for significant areas of damage that could cause contaminants to enter the water supply. Our most recent leak detection test results showed few issues.

This means we are now in a position to lift the boil water notice.

Thank you for your patience while the notice was in place. The lifting of the boil water notice is another step forward for the community’s recovery.

Boil water notices remain in place for the following water schemes:

Hurunui No 1, Parnassus, Lower Waitohi, Peaks, Waiau Rural Kaiwara and Blythe.

Hurunui Rural Water Supplies that are on a Permanent Boil Water Notice

This includes: Hurunui No 1, Parnassus, Lower Waitohi, Peaks, Waiau Rural Kaiwara and Blythe.

A reminder is due to customers on the above water schemes that they are still on a Permanent Boil Water Notice.

Please continue to boil all drinking water, and remember that this should include water used for oral hygiene and food preparation.

If you have any further queries or concerns, please feel free to contact us on 03 314 8816  or email 

Boil water notices are in place for the following rural water schemes:

The source of these schemes are from shallow intakes and most have no treatment. 

The water should be continuously boiled for at least one minute before drinking. 

Whilst we strive to make this knowledge freely available, if you have an opportunity to pass this information onto your neighbours and visitors to the area, we appreciate you doing so.

Residents will be advised as soon as possible of any changes to these schemes.

Do you have questions?

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact our  Utlilities Department or phone 03 314 8816

How to disinfect your tank

Unsure what Scheme you are on?

See a map of the water scheme areas.