Bylaw Review

2013 Bylaw Review

  1. Public Places Bylaw
  2. Livestock Movement Bylaw
  3. Cemeteries Bylaw
  4. Fire Prevention Bylaw
  5. Water Supply Bylaw
  6. Wastewater Bylaw

Bylaws are rules made by the council that affect the way we live, work and play in certain areas and they cover health, safety and a range of environmental issues. 

Bylaws are broadly made to protectthe public from nuisance and to minimise the potential for offensive behaviour in public places.  The consequences of not complying with a rule can result in fines, seizure of property and recover repair or damage costs. Bylaws can be enforced by council staff or external agencies such as the New Zealand Police.

Bylaws need to be reviewed every 5 years.  We have 13 bylaws and 6 of them are under review to check that they are still relevant and that they still have a useful purpose (or not). 

The proposal is to retain all six of the bylaws with some changes.  The suggested changes to the six bylaws are minor and seek to reflect current practice, changes to legislation, government agencies and council committees and staff roles. 

Anyone is able to make a submission on any of the bylaws under review.  The council is very keen to hear your views on this review. 

You can make a submission:



post to: Bylaw Submission, Hurunui District Council, PO Box 13, Amberley 7441.

Submissions close on Sunday 1 December 2013

If you need any further information contact:, phone 03 3140012