Coppard Reserve Leithfield

Draft Reserve Management Plan - Have your Say!

Coppard reserve is situated between Old Main North Road, Brighton Street and Ramsgate Street in Leithfield.

We have prepared a draft reserve mangement plan that proposes that Coppard Reserve will continue to be developed as a passive recreation space with seating areas. We have also identified future development potential with the possibility of establishing public toilets and barbeque areas, and also for an area in the reserve to potentially be developed for community gardens that would attract bees and birds.

The draft Coppard Reserve Management Plan provides you with the opportunity to give feedback and comments on our ideas and also to let us know how you would like this reserve to be managed and developed into the future.

Copies of the draft Coppard Reserve Management Plan:

Please send you written comments, ideas or objections to us by:

Once all feedback has been received, an opportunity to speak to your submission will be given so please indicate on your submission whether you would like to take up this opportunity.

For further information please contact Helga Bennett on 03 314 0092 or

Please ensure we receive your written submission by 5.00pm Friday 23 June 2017.