Proposed Freedom Camping Bylaw

The Council has reviewed its existing Freedom Camping Bylaw 2011 and is proposing to replace it with a new bylaw under the Freedom Camping Act 2011. An interactive map has been developed to view the designated areas.

Why have a freedom camping bylaw?

The Freedom Camping Act provides for freedom camping in all local authority areas unless it is restricted or prohibited in accordance with a bylaw or other enactment. Council is only able to make a bylaw if it is considered necessary for one of the following reasons:

Consultation documents


Submissions on this proposal have closed. Any submitter who chose to speak to their submission will have the opportunity to be heard by the Council on the 26 July 2018. The hearing will take place from 1pm in the Council Chambers at 66 Carters Road in Amberley.

Submission received can be read using the links below:

Previous consultation

An earlier version of the Freedom Camping Bylaw was notified in 2017. You can access the previous consultation information here.


For further information please contact Monique Eade on 03 314 0095 or