Draft Reserve Management Plan - Coppard Reserve

Draft Reserve Management Plan - Coppard Reserve

Hurunui District Council is intending to prepare a draft reserve management plan for Coppard Reserve under section 41(5)(a) of the Reserves Act 1977.  Coppard Reserve is located at 44 Old Main North Road, Leithfield. This is the first management plan prepared for this reserve. The management plan will include objectives and policies for this reserve area.

Coppard Reserve

Figure 1: Location of Coppard Reserve in Leithfield

The Council invites written suggestions or comments to be considered in the preparation of the draft reserve management plan. Figure 1 shows the area to be included in the management plan.

Your written comments will be considered in developing the Draft Coppard Reserve Management Plan and the Draft Amberley Eastern Reserve Management Plan and should contain your name, postal address, telephone number and details relating to your suggestions.

Please send your suggestions to: 

Helga Bennett 
Hurunui District Council
PO Box 13
Amberley 7441

Before 5.00pm Monday 18 April 2016.

What happens from there?

A draft reserve management plan will be prepared taking into account any feedback received. This will be presented to the Council, who, subject to any changes, will adopt the draft management plan for public consultation. You will then have an opportunity to submit on the content of the draft management plan.