Proposed Responsible Freedom Camping Bylaw

The Council has reviewed its existing Freedom Camping Bylaw 2011 and is proposing to replace it with a bylaw under the Freedom Camping Act 2011. A statement of proposal containing the proposed bylaw, and a summary of this information, are available below. Under the proposed bylaw, areas have been prohibited, restricted and/or permitted in accordance with the Freedom Camping Act requirements. To see what designation a particular area has been given, please view this interactive map, or the schedules to the proposed bylaw.

Consultation on this bylaw closed on Wednesday 8 November 2017. Submissions are currently being considered.

Consultation documents:

Submissions received:

1 Andrew Richardson
2 Bill Demeter
3 Brian and Margaret Walsh
4 D and M Johns
5 David Bryant
6 Duncan Macfarlane
7 Hanmer Springs Accommodation Providers Group
8 Hanmer Springs Business Association
9 Jane Demeter
10 Jock Waterman
11 Kim Bestic
12 Liz Dickson
13 Lynn Hey
14 Matt Newby

New Zealand Motor Caravan Association

Attachment 1

16 Richard Goord
17 Roy Myers
18 Roz Clayton
19 Scargill Motunau Reserve Committee
20 Selwyn Lockie
21 Sharon Charlwood
22 St James Premium Accommodation Ltd
23 Terry and Carol Adler
24 Wendy and Barney Bevan
25 William Gardener

For further information, please contact Monique Eade on 03 314 0095 or