Proposed Changes to Hurunui Earthquake-prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Building Policy

The Hurunui District Council is proposing changes to its Earthquake-prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Building Policy.

The changes, if adopted, would result in a more pro-active approach to identifying potentially earthquake-prone buildings that may have significant financial implications for owners of commercial buildings, halls, churches or any other non-residential buildings in our district, built before 1976.

Existing policy and proposed new policy and submission forms are available at any council library or service centre.

A summary of information and copy of the March 30th report to Council are also available on request.

We would encourage you to let us know what you think, whether you support the proposed changes or not.

Make sure your submission arrives with us before 5.00pm Monday 9 May 2011.  If you have questions contact Rebecca Holden on 03 3140058.