Resource Management Act (1991) - Proposed Plan Changes: 28 - Hanmer Springs Multiple Unit Dwellings, 31 - Hanmer Springs Carparking, and 32 - Rural Subdivision and Hanmer Basin (Woodbank Rd)

The Summary of Decisions Requested and copies of submissions to the above stated proposed Plan Changes are available for inspection at our Council Service Centres, Libraries and website.  Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest, or that has an interest in the proposed change greater than the general public may make a further submission.  A further submission can only be in support of or opposition to a submission that has already been made.   Submissions must be in the prescribed form (Form 6) and should be sent to the Hurunui District Council, P O Box 13, Amberley 7441. 

Further submissions close on 28 October 2011 at 5pm.  For further information, contact Liz Atkins on 03 314 0021.