Growth Management Strategy

The Hanmer Springs Growth Management Strategy and Town Centre Development Plan was prepared in 2006. The Council has adopted some of the recommendations from the Plan and has incorporated these into the Hanmer Township Forward Work Programme.

Key projects under the Programme include:

Upgrading the town centre

Redeveloping the former Queen Mary Hospital site

Providing for subdivision and lifestyle development

Reviewing the carparking standards

Investigating apartment living and design

Town centre upgrade

Work on upgrading the town centre was completed in December 2010. The Amuri Ave, Lodge Reserve, Village Green and Conical Hill Rd areas are looking very attractive and welcoming with new paths through the oak reserve, picnic tables, seats and lighting. Pedestrian safety has been improved with a new one-way traffic system and angle-parking outside the Pools entrance, plus courtesy crossings and bollards.

Future growth

The Council is currently working on a number of infrastructure projects for Hanmer Springs. As part of this the Council will soon be applying to Environment Canterbury for global resource consent to discharge stormwater.