Queen Mary Hospital Historic Reserve

Queen Mary Hospital, Chisholm Entrance 

The well known Queen Mary Hospital site dates back to the establishment of a Soldiers Hospital in 1916, for the recuperation and rehabilitation of injured and war-weary soldiers returning from the WW1 front lines.  In recent history, the Queen Mary Hospital was a specialised national facility for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, eventually closing in 2003.  The surrounding park-like grounds and magnificent trees add to the special value of this nationally recognized heritage site.

Around 6ha of the former Queen Mary Hospital site was formally vested in the Council in August 2010, ending an eight year campaign by the community to retain it in public ownership.

The area includes the historic Chisholm Ward, Soldiers' Block and Nurses' Hostel.  Waterproofing, essential refurbishment and repainting has since taken place.  Further information on the protection of the heritage buildings and landscape is provided in the associated technical reports.  

The Queen Mary Hospital Historic Reserve Management Plan was approved by the Minister of Conservation on 14 December 2011.